Why PDFGen?

Hassle-free API

The beautifully crafted API ensures a hassle-free expierence using this library. See the examples below for proof of this bold statement

Precise rendering

PFDGen uses a WebKit renderer under the hood to ensure precise redering of your HTML. This will result in a PDF that looks almost always exactly the same as in your browser

Honest pricing

No hidden fees. No subscription. No obscure multi-server fees. One fee for regular use and one fee for redistribution purposes

Saves loads of time

The fluent interface spares you the time you would normally need to figure out other PDF generator packages

One DLL and no dependencies

Just install through NuGet or include in your project and you are ready to generate some PDFs!

Well documented

The package is well documented and available through IntelliSense in Visual Studio. Use the examples below to get started


See below for a few code examples for common use cases.

  • Generate from url

  • Generate from Html

        .GenerateFromHtml("<h1>Hello, testing!</h1>")
  • Advanced example

        .SetDocumentMargins(new MarginSettings(10))
        .SetFooterText(null, null, "[page] / [topage]", "Arial", 10)
        .GenerateFromHtml("<h1>Hello, testing!</h1>")


No hidden fees. No subscription. No obscure multi-server fees. One fee for regular use and one fee for redistribution purposes.

  • Redistribution
  • $1500
  • All Pro features
  • Email Support
  • This license permits the case of redistributing this software as part of a Larger Work
  • Purchase


Frequently asked questions.

If you or your company builds software for a third party you should purchase a license for each party you want to use this package. However, for one party, usage of the package in multiple applications or instances is allowed.
- 1Ghz processor
- 256MB memory
- Medium or full trust environment
- .NET framework version 4.0 or higher
Of course, with every license you can expect premium support.
This depends on the HTML that is used to generate the PDF. The quantity of HTML, number of images, JavaScript and external resources can have a major influence on the conversion speed. Generally a PDF can be generated in 100/800 milliseconds. But this is not a quarantee.
At this time this is not possible. However, this functionality is present on the roadmap for this product.
You will be able to download and use all future updates with every license!
If you are a charity or you think you have a valid reason to receive a free license, contact customer support at support@pdfgen.net.
Yes! Because a licensekey cannot be returned and to prevent misuse of this quarantee, every case is reviewed before your money is returned. If you have a valid reason, we are happy to refund your puchase.

My question is not here, what should I do?

Please send an email to support@pdfgen.net with your question, if you have a license,
please include your customer number in the message to get priority service.